Steve’s Scaretacular Scareventure Update!

Steve’s Scaretacular Scareventure has been in some relative radio silence for the last year, so here’s an update with some fun things developed in the project, and an overview of the plot.

THE PLOT: Steve the scary monster must get into the buildings of the 3 people living near him, and hen frighten them away with great aplomb. Steve will have to run, jump, roll, hide, and mess with stuff to unnerve the occupants enough until the finishing fright is delivered.

MAIN MECHANIC: The main mechanic of the game is the dodge-roll. You can roll into gaps like the Metroid morph-ball, and you have a slight hop whenever you use it in the air, which was adapted from The Beheaded’s moveset from Dead Cells. (In The Beheaded’s case, the move gives invulnerability while falling. In Steve’s case, it gives an invulnerable leap through the air.)

SKINS: During development, the idea of adding skins came about, and this was a challenge I never tried before. The resulting outcome is that the Player can head to a higher floor of Steve’s home before starting a level and currently equip one of three skins:

  • “classic” Steve,
  • The Monk, a referential character to Pacifist Dungeon
  • “Rainbow Steve”, a white Steve with rainbow iris made for significant visibility.

VENTING: (No. It is NOT Among Us.) The venting system is a way to rapidly move across the map by rolling through duct work. (Or other like things.) I was very directly inspired by Hopoo Games’s DEADBOLT for this idea.

Hope you enjoyed the update!

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