The Journey

The Journey is an 2D mystery/adventure game made as a sequel to the lost and unfinished game “The Journey: Life of a Player” by Rystar Legends, a visual novel/action game following Team Futoke, a group of football playing friends, in the Journey football competition. The game featured our protagonists trying to enact a comeuppance on a group of bullies through the powers of friendship, communication, rational decision making, and football. That is… until the competition is won, “TO BE CONTINUED” appears, and our team presumably went off to achieve further heights as a legendary football team.

We say “presumably” because Palmer just woke up today in his hometown and it seems like he dreamed up the entire two weeks of the competition.

All of it. Even the murders.

In The Journey you control Palmer, the town’s mail delivery person. You do your job, get paid, and when you aren’t busy you can talk to the townspeople. It’s quite a simple routine:
1: Deliver packages and get money.

2: Talk to people. Maybe someone knows what actually happened in the last two weeks?

3: Fight the creatures that are lurking around your town. Yeah. Definitely a normal day in the life of a player.


The Journey was made in collaboration with Rystar Legends, and features references to “The Journey: Life of a Player”, along with using the planned environments, character designs, and plot of the later chapters of the game.

If you want to read the surviving Google doc of Chapter 1 by Rystar Legends click the link here

The Journey can be downloaded in here