Art Portfolio

Artistic Process with Nottingham Landscape Images.

I have developed images of Nottingham locations, drafting with pencil and pen and then colouring digitally using Procreate.

You can read the specifics here about my process, see the drafts, and view 3 the final digital images.

Life Drawing in Pen

Two sketches drawn for realistic object drawing. The black water bottle was chosen to test shading, and the strangely shaped candle was chosen for form.

Life Drawing in Pencil

Two versions of a windowsill plant sketch. The right side image is a more accurately proportioned redrawing of the plant.

Digital Game Cover Concept

This image is the digital recreation of a pencil-on-paper game cover I designed for The Long Way Around, the sequel to an RPG adventure game.

This was drawn using poses of myself for human referencing, crosshatched shading, and a 3 colour palette. I wanted to practice recreating physical art into a digital format.

Character Illustration in Pen 01

This is a slightly more realistically drawn version of a game character called Monet that my younger sister created for a video game she made. The illustration is drawn in black ink pen and made as a concept design for a game’s dialogue art.

Enemy Illustration in Pen 02

This is a redesign page with a broken puppet foe, (right) and a possible version of a protagonist, (left) for this Marian themed material.

This protagonist is differs from the source material, as they has a darker colour scheme to the original game’s white and yellow coloured Marian, and this illustration shows more emphasis on the character’s prop, a nail.

Digital Enemy Illustration 01

This is a design for a camera-headed antagonist I developed for a 3D stealth game. It was drawn using a digital pen in Procreate.

The character is a parody of the character Chainsaw Man and a humorous role-reversal of the game Fatal Frame where the player had to stealthily take photographs of supernatural entities.

Colored Character Illustration in Pen and Marker 01

This is the third design of the protagonist of my mental health/dream-travelling game titled “The Mentality Project”

This is a purple and minority yellow accented design for the sword-wielding protagonist.

The drawing was made with black ink, and the colouration was done in paint markers.

This concept is the first version of the game’s protagonist to wield a weapon.

Colored Character Illustration in Pen and Marker 02

This is a coloured illustration of Honori, an antihero video-game character concept. The design was inspired by the game Aragami and is drawn in pen, and paint markers.

The character has a small color pallete to allow it to stand out in a greyscale environment but not be overwhelming.

Character Interpretation in Pencil 01

This is a pencil drawing of the character Quan Huying from the fighting game Otherworld Legends by Chillyroom.

The left side of the page shows some small sketches, specifically the character’s hairstyling, the symbol on the arm-protectors, and her ability orb. The right side shows the developed character.

Character Interpretation in Pen 01

This is a pen drawing of The Phantom, a Reaper Miniatures character.

The illustration was drawn in black ink using crosshatching in pen and pencil for shading.

Character Interpretation in Pen and Pencil 02.

This is my rendition of Vora, an antagonist from the game, Paladins. The left image is a pencil sketch based on the character before she became a villain, and the right is a pen drawing with partial pencil shading of the character in their full villainous regalia.

This was created to practice pencil and pen shading.

Digital Character Interpretation 01

I used the Robin Hood statue as reference for a simplified Robin of Loxley character.

This was character design for a game I created where you play as Robin Hood catching rampant geese throughout Nottingham.

Digital Character Interpretation 02

This is the main protagonist duo of the 3D adventure game Lost in Random.

I made the image to practice drawing characters from memory and digital highlighting.

Digital Character Interpretation 03

This is my design of the main characters of “Inspirited Differences”, an animated film a fellow classmate is developing.

The artwork was created in Procreate. The two main characters are posing in the centre, with their antagonist counterparts in the left and right portraits. The main antagonist of the story fills up the exact centre of the image.

Character Illustration in Pencil 03

I drew this girl to practice drawing hands, more realistic humans, and drawing with pencils.

The left side of the image shows a loose study of arm proportions, and the right image shows the illustrated work. The hand was drawn using a mirror for self-reference.

Animated Character Concepts 01

I created these original Halloween-themed concepts for “The Pumpkin Punting Project”, a game I developed for school. The characters were meant to be kids in costume running about on Halloween night whacking each other with pillows.

I hand-animated this in Procreate.