Pacifist Dungeon & Steve’s Scaretacular Scareventure

Pacifist Dungeon

Pacifist Dungeon is a game that follows a simple premise: Go through a Dead Cells like dungeon crawler, and you can’t attack anyone. The project was a fun idea initially, but became bogged down as soon as I started to recognise that the ideal end product was far too complicated for me to do alone.

You can download Pacifist Dungeon’s old-version game on Itch here.

Steve’s Scaretacular Scareventure

Steve’s Scaretacular Scareventure a comedic stealth-platformer game where you control Steve the Scary Monster as you try to scare the only living things left in town.

Steve’s just going to scare the last 3, no matter what gets in their way. So Steve’s just going to not waste time asking too many questions about anything especially weird like:

1: How that middle aged guy looks like Bela Lugosi.

2: One of the people Steve’s trying to scare locked themselves inside the security system room of the building they’re in.

3: It’ll take a really long time to pull that dishevelled girl out of the well. She’s probably already terrified.