The Pumpkin Punting Project

Pumpkins are falling from above.  We don’t really know why, but you’re tasked with launching them into the void. As your time ticks down, unescapable, your determination to succeed will grow stronger.

Can you emerge from this sea of troubles the victor?

Will you try to face this alone,  with all the weight on your shoulders? Or will you lighten your burden, and call for assistance, introducing a friend into the fray? It depends on how you want to play.

No matter what you choose, all will not be forever set in stone.

The Cycle will always repeat… But the Cycle is never truly the same each time.

In the Pumpkin Punting Project, you sit down at your keyboard, or pull up your controller, and launch pumpkins into the omnipresent void in a twin stick-shooter adventure built in the Unreal Engine.

Download on HERE

Punt pumpkins into the void to score point in this family-friendly, teamwork oriented game. Punting Pumpkins is a battle to remove 25 pumpkins from the arena in a race against the clock.

Punting Pumpkins features:

  • Twin stick aiming!
  • Single and local multiplayer!
  • Character Customization – 9 different colours!
  • Three game modes – 1, 2, or three minutes to a round!
  • Perfect for snack-sized gaming and short attention spans!
  • Spooky original soundtrack! 

It’s available on here, for Windows.